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2018 through 2019 Two States Added

Idaho and New Mexico are the latest states to provide licensing for naturopathic doctors.


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Free online Health summits


Free Online Health Summits Are A Fantastic Way to Learn How to Improve Your Health and Life. 

  • Generally they run for a few days, with a new episode daily that you have 24 hours to watch. 
  • Normally about 1-1.5 hours in length
  • Typically there is a replay weekend also, in case you missed an episode. 
  • The summits often have multiple top doctors to explain  and give you solutions. 
  • There are patient testimonies as well.
  •  Then you can always purchase the series if you so desire to own it.


The Mental Health Masterclass April 5-10

Beating, treating and reversing Mental Health Disorders. 


Brain Degeneration Summit April 6-12

Worried about concentration, memory or developing a form of Dementia, such as Alzheimer's? Find out more by attending. 

Crisis Investing April 7-15

This is not a health summit, but financial planning and security can improve your stress and thus your health.


Vitamin Masterclass April 7-13

Find out what you need to keep your body running.


Trauma and Autoimmunity April 13-17

Discover both the Causes AND Healing Pathways.


Superhuman Brain April 13-19

Do you or someone you know suffer from Depression or Anxiety or ADHD? Find out the causes and solutions to these problems. 

Nutrition for ADHD, Anxiety and Autism April 20-26

A great series for illnesses that affects Children, Teens and Adults.


Digestion SOS April 20-28

 Are you thinking about OR spending an inordinate amount of time in the bathroom?  Does SIBO, Leaky Gut or IBS control your life?  Please sign up to get help.


Candida Summit May 4-10

If you are tired, achy and can't concentrate...this could be the reason why.


Fasting Transformation Summit May 11-17

Learn different methods of fasting and how it can help your body heal naturally!


The Essential Oil Revolution May 18-24

How essential oils can help your body heal naturally!


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