Appointment types With Natural Doctor

Free 15 Min Discovery Call

After 15 Min Discovery Call, If We Are A Match, I will Invite You into the 90 Minute Dump Indigestion Call So That We Can Truly Get To Your Natural Health Solution! 

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90 Minute Dump Indigestion Call Benefits: 

  1. Define Your Health Goals
  2. Identify Health Goal Blockers
  3. Resources to Skyrocket Goals

90 Minute Call is $130 and must be paid while on the 15 Minute Discovery Call. Nonrefundable. Click Picture to Contact Me 

No Insurance Accepted

Naturopathic Doctors are not yet recognized under plans. Certain Health Savings Accounts and Flex Spending Accounts may reimburse. Check with your provider. 

Benefits to Paying Out of Pocket:

  1. No Double Bookings/Waiting
  2. Doctor Has Time to Listen
  3. You Can Ask Questions
  4. Doctor Gets to Know You
  5. You Get Natural Health Solutions!

Pricing Depends on Your Individual Health Needs and Goals. My Tidy Up Your Tummy Programs Range From $750 to $4500

Tidy Up Your Tummy Programs

Programs Get Results! In Both, I Give You Everything You Need for Indigestion Issues.

Tidy Up Your Tummy Two Types: 

-Jump Start Basic--Low Contact with Me

-6 Month--High Contact with Me

Visit Types: In Office, Video, Telephone

Visit Elements: 

I Listen to Your Health Story

We Determine Why You're Sick

You Get A Natural Action Plan Including: Nutrition, Supplements, Cleansing/Detox, Herbs, Home Therapies and Resources for Natural Therapists.

We Track Improvements

You Get Back to A Fun Life!

Let's Get Started On Your Natural Health Solution to Your Digestion Problem! 

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